Here you will find the official tokenomics and distribution of CZRED, CZodiac’s primary ecosystem token.


  • CZR/CZUSD LP on Pancakeswap (tradeable on CZ.Cash): 50k CZR
  • CZR Staking rewards for CZF to CZR Burnpool on CZ.Farm: 200k CZR
  • CZR Staking rewards for CZUSD to CZR Burnpool on CZ.Farm: 200k CZR




Imagine launching a token during a bear market.
Does backing the liquidity with stablecoins sound like a good idea?

Imagine launching a token during a bear market…
Does a “Lack-of-Volume” have you worrying about the rewards?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these questions, then you probably know about CZodiac’s FairTribe!
FairTribe partners will be experiencing a new flow in volume every day. Direct from the stablecoin profits made by CZodiac Defi Bank and into the charts of FairTribe partners.

If you don’t count LRT (Lucky Rabbit Token has it’s place in the ecosystem, with utilities including exclusive pools and tax-exemptions), the first pools will contain the official tokens of our 3 largest partners at this time. DGOD, LSDT, and GEM.

Stake CZF, earn FairTribe tokens.



At today’s trading price of LRT ($5.78 per token), this puts the retail value of a Bad Rabbit at $145

Seeing as it’s been 1-week since we started minting, and we have about 40 Rabbits left to go, we’ve decided to give you a chance to win one of these insane NFTs!
By sending 2 LRT to ‘0xA3865A1CA2E276Ac98e15C1D3115B99E94e8b0E3’
you enter your wallet into the Bad Rabbit Raffle!
This is valid until September 19th, 2022 which is when we will draw the winner!

Rules are pretty simple here…
Send 2 LRT to the Official CZodiac Giveaway Wallet to be entered:

One entry per wallet!

If you haven’t checked out the last article describing what these bad boys are capable of, they actually give you the ability to use v1 pools WITH 0% TAXES



CZodiac DeFi Bank

CZodiac uses POL game theory to develop novel Defi 2.0 technologies that protect farmers and stakers.