Bad Rabbit Whitelisting

We have some seriously mindblowing material coming up next…

you might’ve heard, Lucky Rabbit Token is launching it’s own unique small-batch of rabbit NFTs. These bad babies will have the incredible utility of tax-exemption for the v1 staking pools (located on and will cost only a mere 25 LRT! For those of you who don’t know what LRT is, you are missing out!

Lucky Rabbit Club (Telegram Channel)

We’ve been hanging out here and chasing rabbits for a few months in Club Lucky.

The ‘FEE’ will be negated if you open the pop-down menu on a pool and plug-in a ‘One Bad Rabbit’ NFT

Look at these pools on With a little bit of math, you can figure that a 14.98% fee on 1-billion CZF (at the time of this article) is about $66

$66 fee to withdraw the CZF from the pool after it ends?
Or what if I need that CZF before the pool ends… ?
What if CZF goes up even more tomorrow… ?
and up more and more the next day… ?

What about the investors who have much more than 1-billion CZF in these pools? Do you think a Bad Rabbit might be of some interest to them if it can save $100’s or even $1000’s in fees every few months?

NOBODY likes to pay taxes, and the Bad Rabbits are here to help you get out of the staking pools scot-free. Facts.

CZodiac Presents: ONE BAD RABBIT

Since there will only be 100 of these bad boys minted, we’ve decided to allow a 24-hour whitelist period.

— What’s today? Tuesday?
We’ll give you until Sunday evening to get your whitelist spot!
That’s September 4th, 2022 for a whitelisting cut-off.
Sorry caps!’ But seriously, it’s super simple. Send 1 LRT to 0xA3865A1CA2E276Ac98e15C1D3115B99E94e8b0E3
and your wallet will be able to acquire up to 2 rabbits in the first 24-hours of minting.
After the 24-hour whitelist period, minting will be opened to everyone and there will be no limit on quantity. No wallet caps.

Don’t wait too long, or you will be looking for an aftermarket rabbit!

If you have any more questions about staking pools, Lucky Rabbit Token, One Bad Rabbit NFTS or anything really, feel free to just swing by and drop a line!

[Bad Rabbit Space Pirates]



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