Facts about CZodiac Defi Bank:

1) The treasury and deployer transactions have remained 100% transparent since day 1. Everything we do is communicated in our Telegram first and is viewable on BSCScan.
2) We paid out over $12,000 in CZF for the holders of CZodiac RabbitCatch NFTs (over 6 months)
3) We recovered a stablecoin from a broken peg with 0% collateral to 107% collateral and over $500k in assets (in 7 months)
4) We burned over $20,000 worth of CZF from the early days of the stablecoin profits (over 3 months)
5) We went from $10,000 TVL to $1,500,000 TVL (and rising) on
6) We currently output over $300 in rewards EVERY DAY on (90-day pools have been active for two cycles, and will continue to repeat!)

News on the Rabbit Catch NFTs:

You will have some very cool options for these guys in the near future including NFT staking pools, Pools v1 Boosts, Rabbit Breeding NFT Game, and much more!




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CZodiac DeFi Bank

CZodiac DeFi Bank


CZodiac uses POL game theory to develop novel Defi 2.0 technologies that protect farmers and stakers.