CZRED and the great CZF migration.

CZF has a long and sanguine history as the CZodiac flagship. Today we are introducing CZRED (CZR) token to take it’s place as the crowned utility token for the CZodiac DeFi Bank ecosystem.

The final plan for CZF is BurnPool Staking with an output of CZRED.
It is not mandatory to enter your CZF into the BurnPool, however, there are no future plans for CZF.
This is a decision we all have to make with our own personal CZF tokens.

CZRED is launching at the same time this article is being published.
The ONLY available tokens at launch are in the LP.
The rest of the supply is all locked and waiting for the BurnPools (Staking into BurnPools starts next week or so)

CZR CA: 0x5cd0c2C744caF04cda258Efc6558A3Ed3defE97b
Total tax is 10% on buys and sells (no transfer tax)
1/10 of the tax goes to fueling the NFT staking pools while the rest is going to the new Tribe Pools!


Total Supply: 450,000 CZR tokens
Launch Price: $1
Launch Liquidity: $100k ($50k CZUSD and $50k CZRED)

To migrate your CZF to CZRed, you will need to stake your CZF into the final BurnPool. You can also fill this application form for 5x boost if your wallet fits the parameters for a Good Rep Wallet.
5x boost for Good Rep Wallets ☝️

If there’s anything more that you’d like to learn or if you have questions, message us at any time.

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CZodiac Team

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and must not be offered or used as investment, financial, or other advice.



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