Rabbit Season, Multi-Sig Safety Net, and Trustless Automation

Every time we get to talking about progress, it seems we’re always talking about money… I guess we are the DeFi Bank, after all.

Hey CZ Fam — I want you to know about some very important things happening to CZodiac. Let’s start with our Gnosis Safe Multi-Signature treasury… This adds an incredible amount of security to our entire ecosystem, including token deployment, token prices, staking pools, and especially our FairTribe Partners.
The only misgiving of this; the tedious task of simple transactions. The formerly routine transactions that kept rewards flowing to our community had become quite arduous.
— That’s where we decided to employ the Chainlink Keepers…
to just about everything…

“DotDot Stake” — Our CZUSD/BUSD stake now collects rewards automatically from the ~$380k staked in DotDot and sells for BUSD into the treasury.
CZodiac Gnosis Safe Transaction History

“ScorchPeg v4”— Checks every 4 hours if CZUSD is off peg on both Ellipsis and PancakeSwap. Repegs CZUSD as long as it is profitable.
See Scorch Peg’s Keepers Here

“USTSD Release” — Automatically releases the Silver Dollar NFTs after the VRF is called and a winner is selected.
See the Silver Dollar Keepers Here

You might also be wondering why the title of this says ‘Rabbit Season’.
That is because we do have a very special small-batch of NFTs coming out imminently.
These ‘Bad Rabbits’ will allow you to avoid taxes in the CZodiac staking pools on cz.farm. This saves potentially 10’s or 100’s of USD per one’s investment in the pools. Potentially, a Bad Rabbit could save you $1000’s over some time.
Only 100 of these will be minted and the ONLY way to get one is to spend 25 LRT in the Bad Rabbit Minting dApp (COMING SOON)

Buy Lucky Rabbit Token (LRT) easily at cz.cash or on PancakeSwap!

Don’t forget to watch our twitter at https://twitter.com/zodiacs_c
and if you haven’t yet joined our telegram group, I highly recommend it.

Until next time!



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CZodiac uses POL game theory to develop novel Defi 2.0 technologies that protect farmers and stakers.