Rolling Out New Designs!

We know it’s a tough decision… but sometimes… it’s just time for a paintjob!

We’ve streamlined our token images and modernized our project logo.
A thematic overhaul for CZodiac DeFi Bank is underway! Don’t be alarmed if you start seeing our new images mixed into the space…

First up, the CZodiac binucleate tokens CZF and CZUSD:
— Will you miss these logos?

Here they are being replaced with their new counterparts!


Next up, we have the CZodiac main logo!

To the left, we leave our previous legacy…
— We’re moving into the post-modern era of CZodiac DeFi Bank with this logo on the right!

legacy vs. modern logo

Now we understand there are many of us that will miss the old logos. Trust me, because I’m one of them!
— We actually have some good news for anyone in this boat! will keep the old CZF logo and you will see the ‘CZUSD tower’ and ‘CZodiac Rook’ used in other bits of the CZ-ecosystem (such as, FairTribe, Lucky Rabbit Token, and more to come!)

Like I said earlier, the CZ-theme is here to stay, but we had to make some room for new graphics and imagery in order to strengthen the overall appearance.

Hope you like our new look!



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CZodiac DeFi Bank

CZodiac uses POL game theory to develop novel Defi 2.0 technologies that protect farmers and stakers.